About Us

Singaporeans are becoming increasingly health-conscious. The joy of consuming ice-cream is often immediately confronted by The Conscience, urging them to stand up and work out the extra calories. We started as a humble little café with the goal of bringing comfort and delight to without the guilt. People loved our gelato. As time went by, the discerning crowd started asking for more flavours, especially those with a local twist. We answered.

We got customers involved in crafting uniquely local flavours, such as Teh Tarik and Durian, and even whimsical ones like Cotton Candy. Soon after, businesses came knocking on our doors, asking for customised flavours.

It was tough coping with the demand in our tiny kitchen, so we decided it was time for us to grow.

Today, Gelato continues to delight customers and satisfy businesses with new and improved recipes, keeping the flavour and skimming the fats. The elves in the kitchen work hard to get rid of the excess calories so you don’t have to. So sit down, enjoy a scoop or three with us.

Brand Concept

We are passionate about the gelato we make. Fresh ingredients are carefully selected from the best source so that you get to taste the best Mother Nature has to offer. No effort is spared when testing the recipes, because only the right proportion of ingredients would allow the star ingredient to shine. Our gelato is made fresh daily to ensure that you taste only high quality gelato that would make you proud to share with friends. Absolutely free of preservatives, artificial colouring and artificial flavours. We want you to enjoy our gelato as much as we enjoy preparing it for you.

We also pride ourselves for adding a local touch to traditional Italian gelato-making techniques to create flavours that are uniquely Singapore. Familiar flavours such as Pandan and Teh Tarik are reincarnated into a cold, compact ball that evokes past memories while creating new ones. Keep an eye out for us, because our new flavour might just be one that you already know.