Our Specialities

  • Cone
  • Cup
  • Rosa
  • Waffle


Cotton Candy
Bringing back a childhood favourite with a modern twist, Cotton Candy is sure to evoke memories of those nights at the pasar malam.

Dark Chocolate
True chocoholics would love this. Using 70% dark chocolate, you get the right amount of bitterness and the full benefits from the release of endorphins after consuming a serving of this classic pleaser.

Don’t be fooled by its loud, vibrant colour. The dragonfruit is subtle in flavour.

We chose local durians that has more robust flavours. The king of all fruits is concentrated into each scoop, but is given the space to shine through. Even without its prickly exterior, it reminds you that it is still king.

Sourced from Piemonte, the robust hazelnut flavour hits you immediately before the sweetness creeps in. Good hazelnuts are never shy.

Teh Tarik
Have you eaten Teh Tarik before? How about having a cold one? The strong tea and rich texture would make you ditch the hot drink in favour of this cold treat in our sweltering tropics weather.